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I am so thrilled that you are interested in my newest program, Teaching Energetics: Change Your Vibe, See your Students Thrive! It is a game changer.

You can get started right away learning some of my easiest and best energy changing tips, tricks and techniques.

Just follow me on my new Facebook page and/or LinkedIn and learn about how you can change your vibe and see your students thrive. I will be posting regularly about Teaching Energetics.

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There is a better way to bring peaceful engagement to your classroom (virtually or in-person), but it’s up to you (and only YOU!) to stop waiting. Waiting for funding, waiting for someone, somewhere out there, to help you.

You CAN do this, I know you can. I’ve worked with tens of thousands of people in the past forty years and it still amazes me how life altering this information can be.

Make time to learn how your energy is in fact, influencing the outcomes you are getting whether you mean for it to be or not. You’ve got to make time to save time.

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Founder of Heart Productions & Publishing, the Pacific Northwest

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