The only online teaching course that will …

Get all your students energetically engaged without punitive disciplinary threats and exclusion.

Teaching Energetics System gives you the tools you need to finally dissolve exhausting power struggles with disruptive students.

No more opposition. No more indifference. No more room clears. EnJOY being the teacher you’ve always dreamed of.

Get all your students energetically engaged

I feel like I’ve lost control of my classroom …
It seems like I’m yelling all the time …
Room clears are so hard to recover from.

Being a teacher today

Everyone knows being a teacher today isn’t without it’s defining moments, yet no one told you it would be so exhausting.

No one told you that you’d spend your days trying to herd a bunch of cats using every consequence driven tactic you remember being used on you when you were growing up. No one may have mentioned anything about having nightmares about losing control.

No one told you that despite trying your best, day in and day out, that you’d still end up feeling so de-energized.

You’ve tried:

Growth Mindset. Maker Learning. Bloom’s Taxonomy. Brain-Based Learning.
Personalized Learning. Project-Based Learning. Team-Building for Learning.
Blended Learning.  Genius Hour. Trauma-Informed Care.
Zones of Regulation. PAX. Restorative Circles & Justice.

You know you aren’t a perfect teacher

… but you feel you have teaching skills well in hand to be effective academically.

The newest training models are excellent tools you have used. And yet, you hear yourself saying it’s not enough, and there is nothing else that you feel will work except funding for more professional adult support in your classroom. 

Youve Tried Everything
No Physical Force

You know that if you must use physical force, you can’t do that.

You aren’t the type of person who can yell, scream or physically break up fights. It’s not in your nature and it’s just too much to ask of any teacher.

You worry about what we are teaching our kids to endure when it comes to danger?!

In the real world when danger is happening, we would run away and get help; but in our classrooms we are teaching children to stay, and they are internalizing it, so if it happens out in the world what will our kids do?

Real Danger
Youre Stressed

You’re stressed about more and more parents literally giving up with homework and remote learning.

Parents, maybe like yourself, are juggling so many balls in the air. When adding to their to-do list something that their child didn’t do well in school, it can be daunting.

When parents are unable to help, many teachers feel they must carry the ball by themselves, creating an energetic chasm that is only widening.

You’re concerned that we are not challenging all of your students enough.

There is fear that making higher-achieving students team up with struggling learners is going to hold them back and bore them.

Youre concerned
traumatized kids

You are not professionally trained to help today’s traumatized kids!

You may be questioning, “At what point do you want me to teach, and at what point to be a therapist?

“How am I to juggle all those things?

“I’ve already got a full plate. Are you going to take something off so I can make room for more training?”

You are overwhelmed with so many behavior plans for so many students.

If you must put so many students on positive behavioral plans gathering so much data every single day, you know you won’t have time to 1) teach the curriculum, 2) check in with your students, 3) build relationships and 4) be taking care of yourself so you won’t end up with compassion fatigue.

Youre overwhelmed

Believe it or not, you’re not alone. You can break the cycles of failure in your struggling students.

And it’s simpler (and far less stressful) than you think.

Thousands of people have felt the same confusion, overwhelm and exhaustion you may be feeling right now and

found a way forward with my field-tested strategies associated with my Energetics System now adapted for Teachers.

Is it possible to be a highly effective teacher and be kind, compassionate and have a highly productive, peaceful classroom? Yes, and I would know. I’ve made it my life’s mission to never abandon, humiliate, threaten, hurt or harm any student in my care, no matter what the presenting behavior.

Mary ReynoldsHi, I’m Mary Reynolds.

I am the founder of Heart Productions, author, counselor, coach, speaker and co-parent to three amazing, fully grown children.

As my parent’s “problem child,” I’ll never forget that pivotal moment at age 17 when my mother was into her full-on rant and rave lecture – when she screamed, “You just wait until you have kids of your own, and then we’ll see how you treat them.” To which I replied, “I will never treat my children the way you’ve treated me!”  And then she slapped me, sending me across the room. Looking back, the gift of this was that it anchored my promise to myself to never treat any child the way that I had been treated physically and attitudinally.  I feared and hated her daily suspicious, demeaning, hyper-observant energy, vibes and tone with me.  I ruminated constantly and had high levels of anxiety at home and school.

So in my first year of teaching, when I heard her full-on rant and rave lecture starting to stream out of my mouth, I stopped myself mid-sentence.  My students waited for what was going to come next.  When you realize you are not going to use tactics once used on you, the realization sets in, “Well then what will I use to get control!?”  In that moment, the next thought we’ve all heard in our minds is, “Well, it worked on me, and I didn’t turn out so bad!”

This is that pivotal moment where we either take the road less traveled or we JREDD (Justify, Rationalize, Explain, Defend & Debate) our way to continuing to use the old, worn-out, hurtful and harmful tactics of the past.  Needless to say, Teaching Energetics is not your typical “fix bad behavior” course!  Energetics is the cornerstone to absolutely everything standing between you and the results you want.

Two Roads Diverged
Two Roads Diverged
Two Roads Diverged
Teachers Just Want to Teach

Teachers just want to teach.

Just imagine …

It sounds too good to be true, I know.  But every one of these examples comes directly from real-life participants of my Energetics System training.  I’m pleased to say moments like these happen for people all the time, once they learn how quickly they can change their vibes so their students can thrive.

But don’t just take my word for it …
Listen in as Dona, an Educational Administrator in Ohio,
talks about using just one of my energy shifting tools for a week …


for Turning Around Problematic Behaviors?

Meaning, Alignment, Preference-Planning, Inte-GREATion & Teaming-Up System is a field-tested, trauma inclusive approach to working with students with problematic social, emotional issues leading to behavioral struggles in schools and families. This program is based on my 40+ years of practice and development.   Teaching Energetics system was born from my personal experience as my parents’ designated “problem child.” MAP IT investigates the energetics of problematic behaviors in order to resolve and dissolve unskillful, disruptive and unproductive behaviors simply and quickly.


The focus is on finding meaning, not modifying behaviors.

Children are teaching us what we need to know, our job is to ask leading questions that will reveal the meaning of the behavior so we can dial down our own judgmental vibes and tone before diving into problem solving.


Self-Advocating problem solving begins with aligning with the child.

Your intention must be felt energetically: you are aligning with the student to solve problems. Alignment says, “I’m on your side” and together we’re going to figure this out, rather than coming in hot, punitive and adversarial.


Problem solving begins with preference-planning!

If you are going to team up to solving problematic struggles, then you both need to put words to how you’d prefer that things be going forward. It is the most energy shifting solution generating technique there is! Now you can collaborate on a Plan. From there it’s InteGreation & Teaming up.

You may be familiar with other programs and practitioners that look similar to my MAP IT System. However, what differentiates my program, making it more effective, is the central role of energetics as the cornerstone that makes or breaks the effectiveness of the techniques.  I began teaching this system in 1988 in my Breaking Cycles of Failure Course for CEUs at Portland State University.
You can be doing all the right things, but still not get the results one would expect. I will show you the key adjustment that will make all the difference.